What are Usborne books touchy-feely? And how do they engage children?

Usborne books touchy feely are really special books that have changed how kids enjoy reading. They’re super popular because they are fun and make young readers really interested.

In this article, we’re going to talk about Usborne Touchy-Feely books and why they’re so different and exciting for kids.

Understanding Usborne Touchy-Feely Books

What makes Usborne books touchy feely special?

Touchy-Feely books are special because they have things to touch that feel different. Each page has textures, like the soft fur of an animal or a smooth shiny surface. When you touch these textures, it’s like going on a little adventure while you read. It makes reading more fun and interesting.

What you can touch and do in these books

In Touchy-Feely books, the pictures are not just flat. They have parts that are raised, so when you touch them, it’s exciting. You can touch and feel these raised parts. Some books also have flaps you can lift, buttons you can press, or even textures you can scratch and smell. All of these things make the book even more fun and keep you engaged.

Using your senses

Touchy-Feely books are made to be really interesting for your senses. It’s not just about looking at the pictures; it’s about using your sense of touch, smell, and sometimes even sound. When you can touch and feel different things in the book, it helps you understand and enjoy the story even more.

Benefits of Touchy-Feely Books for Children

Learning and Growing

Touchy-Feely books help kids learn and grow in important ways. When kids touch and feel different textures in these books, they’re learning more about the world around them. It’s a fun way to learn new things!

Improving How We Move

These special books also help our kids get better at using their hands and fingers. Turning pages, touching textures, or pressing buttons in the books helps them practice using their hands and eyes together. It’s like exercising our fingers and getting them stronger!

Starting to Love Books

Touchy-Feely books are often the first books that kids read. They make reading fun and enjoyable right from the start. When kids have fun reading, they start to really like books. It’s like making a new friend!

How Touchy-Feely Books Engage Children

Getting Interested in Senses

Touchy-Feely books are really good at grabbing a kid’s attention because they’re so exciting to touch and look at. When they touch the different textures and do interactive things in the book, it makes them super curious to find out more. It’s like going on a cool adventure through the pages!

Making Books Your Friends

These books are like friends because they make reading so much fun. When they have fun reading, they start to really like books. It’s like having a friend that always tells you amazing stories and you can’t wait to hear more!

Reading Together is Awesome

It’s so much fun when parents or grown-ups read these books with you. They can join in the adventure too! You both can talk about what you’re touching and seeing in the book. It’s like having a reading party together, and it makes the bond between you even stronger.

Choosing the Right Touchy-Feely Book

Choosing the Right Book for You

Picking a Touchy-Feely book that matches your kid and how he grows is super important. they might really like simple textures and bright, happy colors. As they get older, they might enjoy more complicated textures and things in the book.

Different Kinds of Stories

Touchy-Feely books cover lots of cool topics. You can find books about animals, cool vehicles, or even things you see every day. You get to pick the book that’s about something your kid really likes. It’s like choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream!

How the Book Plays with You

Some Touchy-Feely books let you touch and feel different textures, and that’s awesome! Others have even more things you can do, like pressing buttons or lifting flaps.

How to Have the Most Fun with the Book

Reading in a Cool Way

When they read a Touchy-Feely book, it’s like going on an adventure! Touch and feel all the different things in the book as the story goes on. they can also ask questions that don’t have just yes or no answers, like “What do you think this feels like?” Talking about what they’re exploring makes the story even more awesome.

Parents and Teachers Can Help

Making Books a Part of Your Day

It’s really cool when Touchy-Feely books are a regular part of your day. Whether you’re at home or in class, having these books around and easy to get to makes reading a lot of fun. You can explore them whenever you want!

Getting Involved and Having Fun

Grown-ups can help make the book adventure awesome. They can point to the different textures and ask questions. It’s like having a teammate in the book adventure! When you’re both having fun, it makes reading even more exciting.

Are Touchy-Feely Books Strong and Safe?

Is it Okay to Use Them a Lot?

Using Touchy-Feely books a lot is totally fine! In fact, it’s great because their not looking at a screen. Too much screen time isn’t good, but using these books is a fun way to play and learn without staring at a screen.

Some people might think these books cost a bit more, but guess what? They’re worth it! These books help our kids learn and grow, and that’s super important. Parents and teachers see these books as a smart investment in your learning journey. It’s like buying something really cool that makes you smarter and happier!


Usborne Touchy-Feely books change how kids experience stories. They have cool textures, interactive stuff, and exciting stories. These books make reading super fun and help kids learn and love reading!”


Are Touchy-Feely books good for all ages?

Yes! Touchy-Feely books have different ones for babies, little kids, and bigger kids. So, everyone can find a fun book to enjoy!

Can we learn from Touchy-Feely books?

Totally! Touchy-Feely books are awesome for learning. They help us with our senses, reading skills, words, and thinking. Parents and teachers can use these books to make learning super cool!

Do the textures in these books last?

Yes! The textures in Touchy-Feely books are tough. They can handle lots of touching and still feel cool. That way, the books stay fun and exciting to read!

How can parents get kids to read these books if they don’t like reading?

Parents can start by picking a Touchy-Feely book about something their kid likes. Reading the book together and touching the textures can be a lot of fun. As kids enjoy it more, they’ll want to read more! Also, check this article here simple steps to make reading fun.

Do they have these books for kids who are sensitive to touch?

Yes! Usborne made Touchy-Feely books that are gentle for kids who don’t like strong textures. They’re made with care so that all kids can enjoy these books!

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