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Now that I’ve organized my books and made them easier to find, it seems like every week my four-year-old, Justin, has a new book he’s obsessed with. This last week has been the interactive shapes book What if I Know My Shapes by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt.

What if I Know My Shapes

We have now read this book so many times every day that Justin knows it by heart. He and his brother have started playing games with it but I’ll get to that later.

This book is not your ordinary shape book. It takes shapes to the next level, showing you how to create different objects with shapes. This book lends so perfectly to activities without much thought at all. Create one of these pictures OR have your child pick which 3 items they’d like to make or draw. Remember just a dot, not a lot when using glue.


  1. Create the pictures in the book using construction paper.
  2. Draw the pictures on paper.
  3. Use the book to guess what the object is. My four-year-old read the book to me and I would guess what object those shapes made. Then, I used a doodle board to draw out different things you could make with various shapes.

4. Use the given shapes to create silly pictures.

5. Practice writing the words of the various shapes: circle, triangle, square, oval, rectangle, etc.

6. For a higher level, write the shape words and put them in alphabetical order.

Although this is our new favorite, we love the others in this series as well. I almost forgot! My boys thought it was really fun to have the What-if Monster himself hanging around while we played with the shape book.

I can’t forget to mention that we had the great Ms. Michelle Nelson-Schmidt over at our house when Justin was under a year old.

Hope you get as much joy out of this book as we have! I’d love to have you in my VIP group. Come join us over on Facebook or follow me on Instagram.

How to Choose the Right Interactive Shapes Book for Your Child

When selecting an interactive shapes book, consider your child’s age, interests, and learning style. Look for books with clear illustrations, interactive features, and age-appropriate challenges to keep your child engaged and excited to learn.

Ways to Enhance Learning with Interactive Shapes Books

To maximize the educational value of interactive shapes books, engage with your child as you read. Ask questions, encourage them to identify shapes, and relate shapes to their surroundings. Create fun activities based on the book’s content to reinforce learning.

Tips for Engaging Your Child with Interactive Shapes Books

Make reading interactive by using animated voices, imitating animal sounds, or acting out the shapes in the book. Encourage your child to touch, feel, and interact with the book to enhance their understanding of shapes.

Educational Value of Interactive Shapes Books

Interactive shapes books promote cognitive development, language skills, and critical thinking. They offer a multisensory approach to learning, allowing children to explore shapes through touch, sight, and sound.

Interactive Shapes Books vs. Traditional Learning Methods

Compared to traditional learning methods, interactive shapes books offer a more engaging and interactive learning experience. They capture a child’s attention and curiosity, making learning enjoyable and effective.

Fostering Creativity and Imagination through Interactive Shapes Books

Interactive shapes books stimulate creativity by encouraging children to envision shapes in various contexts. The interactive elements prompt imaginative thinking, fostering a creative mindset from an early age.

Interactive Shapes Books for Different Age Groups

Interactive shapes books are designed for different age groups, starting from toddlers to preschoolers. Tailored content and interactive features ensure that children at various developmental stages can benefit from these engaging learning tools.

Conclusion on Interactive Shapes Books

Interactive shapes books are invaluable educational resources that make learning about shapes enjoyable and effective. They provide a foundation for further learning and set the stage for a child’s lifelong love of learning.


Are interactive shape books suitable for toddlers?

Yes, there are interactive shape books designed specifically for toddlers to introduce basic shapes in a playful manner.

How can interactive shapes books enhance my child’s creativity?

Interactive elements in these books prompt imaginative thinking, allowing children to see shapes in various contexts and encouraging creativity.

Can interactive shapes books be used as a supplement to school learning?

Absolutely. These books complement classroom learning by reinforcing shape concepts in an engaging and interactive way.

Are interactive shapes books available in digital formats?

Yes, many interactive shapes books are available in digital formats, providing an interactive experience on electronic devices.

How can I incorporate interactive shapes books into our daily routine?

Read interactive shapes books with your child during storytime, incorporate them

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