Who we are?

Hey, I’m Sania, and let me tell you, books are my ultimate joy! I’m part of a cool group of people who also love books a lot.

My journey through the pages of countless books has inspired me to create “The Reading Scoop.”

So, when I’m not reading, guess what? I’m cooking up yummy recipes in my kitchen. I like trying out different flavors, just like the different stories in my books. Sometimes, I’ll even share my favorite recipes with you!

And you know what else I love? Making recipes by the lake. Imagine eating tasty food, and holding a good book, all while sitting by the peaceful lake. It’s like my own little paradise.

So, besides reading exciting stories, you can join me in making yummy treats and easy-to-make recipes. Let’s have fun with books and delicious food together!

Welcome to “The Reading Scoop” – where books come to life.