Simple Ways to Make Reading Fun 

School starts out seriously from such an early age now. Just the other day a friend mentioned that many four-year-olds are already reading. We’re pushing our kids younger and younger and what does this lead to? Burn-out big time! Burn-out at an early age.

We need to show our children from day one that learning and reading is fun, not a chore.

We need to show our children from day one that learning and reading is fun, not a chore.

One easy way to make reading fun is to change up the environment where your child reads. I’m no fort expert. That would be my husband’s job.

“Come read in the fort, Daddy!”

A fort is an easy and inexpensive way to spice up reading for your little one.

This is another fort Brandon and his daddy built together. I got to read it with Brandon. Here we are reading one of the 1001 things to spot books. There are so many good ones, but we love the farm one the most.

The best books to use in a fort are the Shine-a-Light Books.

The best books to use in a fort are the Shine-a-Light Books. Read my blog here about the many options we have in these incredible books that show a secret picture when you shine a flashlight behind each page! 

Keep books throughout the house

Make sure you keep a wide variety of books. As your child gets tired of some, they’ll choose old ones they loved months before or brand-new ones.

Incorporating interactive elements into reading

Annotating and highlighting: Encourage kids to annotate and highlight interesting sections, making the reading experience interactive.

Discussions and book clubs: Engage in discussions about the book’s plot, characters, and themes to make the reading journey more engaging and insightful.

Gamifying the reading experience

Introduce reading challenges or quizzes related to the book, adding an element of excitement and competition.

Setting achievable reading goals

Set realistic reading goals, like completing a chapter a day, to maintain momentum and a sense of accomplishment.

Utilizing technology for an enhanced reading experience

Leverage e-readers or audiobooks to offer diverse formats for reading, catering to different preferences and lifestyles.

Encouraging storytelling and creativity

Encourage readers to create their own alternate endings or illustrations based on the story they’ve read.

Involving rewards and incentives

Offer small rewards for completing a book or reaching a reading milestone to motivate consistent reading habits.

Encouraging reading as a family activity

Make reading a family affair by reading together and discussing the stories, fostering a shared love for books.

Connecting reading to real-life experiences

Relate the events or lessons from the book to real-life situations, promoting a deeper understanding and connection with the material.

Incorporating visual aids and illustrations

Choose books with captivating illustrations, enhancing comprehension and making the reading experience more enjoyable.


Incorporating these simple strategies can transform reading from a task to a delightful journey. Remember, the key is to make it enjoyable and tailor it to individual preferences. Happy reading!

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