This or That? Animal Books for All Ages

Animal books are so popular and some of my favorites! With over 2,000 Usborne Books and more titles to choose from, it’s often hard to decipher which Animal Books for All Ages

Here are just a few of the many animal books we offer. To browse all of our books, be sure to shop here.

Look through the ages and choose the option best for the child you’re searching for…

Babies (Baby Babies 0-9 months)

Usborne Fold-Out Books are essential for tummy time. The fold-out pages stand up right so your baby can look and learn while building strong stomach muscles.


Baby’s very first touchy-feely animals book is an adorable first book with textures of various animals. This was actually the first book I received for my little one!

Babies and 1-year-olds(6 months-24months)

The “That’s Not My” books are some of the most popular children’s books. Each page has a different texture to explore and with over 30 titles, there is definitely a book for every interest! My latest love is That’s Not My Pony!


How to Feed Your Cheeky Monkey is a cute board book in a series of board books about everyday activities. Your baby can grow with this playful rhyming story about everyday routines.


Jungle Sounds delights any young child with vibrant pictures and gorgeous sounds. And it pleases many parents with an on/off switch! The realistic sounds and sturdy book will grow with your little one.


The Zoo Talkabout Board Book. I LOVE this book. Questions appear on each page to guide great discussion with your child. From, “How many animals do you see” to “How many babies are there?” this book is a keeper! There are so many new things to learn every time you pick this one up!


Peek Inside the Zoo and find what’s hiding behind every corner. Learn from the pictures and hidden facts, while peeking through the adorable flaps. Perfect for any 3-year-old!


Lift and Look Dinosaurs is a simple story perfect for introducing dinosaurs to your little one. Plus, find the hidden purple dinosaur on each page!


Big Books are one of my favorites! Each Big Book comes with 4 giant fold-out pages which just emphasizes even more the gigantic size of the animals, bugs, or trucks featured as the title subject. Big Book of Big Animals does not disappoint!


Muddle and Match books combine split pages to mix together for silly pictures and beautiful vocabulary in a cute story. Give a jaguar a monkey’s tail and learn new words along the way! Check out Muddle and Match: Jungle Animals or the newest addition: Fairly Tales!


Lift-the-flap Sharks is a great introduction to Sharks for your little one. With realistic pictures, learn simple facts and keep their attention with this quick read.


Discover the Secrets of Animal Camouflage using a flashlight. Find the hidden pictures when you shine a light behind each page. Read these books in the dark to make the pictures appear even clearer! From The Human Body to The Space Station, find your favorite Shine-A-Light Book!


Create dinosaurs with Build your own Dinosaurs Sticker Book.   Match the skeletons with the corresponding body parts and see a dinosaur come to life!


Build up your knowledge of animals with Questions and Answers about Animals. Lift the flaps to find the answers to so many questions. This book, divided by types of questions, will delight any young mind. With colorful facts and pictures, your child will sit and read this book again and again!


Nibbles, the book monster, has done it again! Nibbles loves to eat books, but this time he ends up in a dinosaur book!  Filled with fun dinosaur facts, this adorable follow-up to Nibbles: The Book Monster, will entertain everyone that picks it up!


1000 Animals divided animals into categories like black and white, night animals, birds, etc. Check out the beautiful pictures and not-so-easy-to-say names of all 1000 animals!


Definitely, try out the Dinosaur Adventure Excavation Kid Kit- Stegosaurus! This kit comes with a lump of clay that has the “dinosaur fossil” hidden within, goggles for eye safety, a small hammer that also has a screwdriver in the handle, and a small brush to brush off all the dust and small pieces of dirt. Great, hands-on learning!


Deadly AnimalsBeginners are my favorite non-fiction books! These hardback books are perfect for learning at home or at school. Using vibrant pictures and text features, these books answer all kinds of questions. Search over 30 Beginners to find your perfect fit!


Answer awesome questions like, “What sixth sense turns a shark into a deadly hunter?” or ” Why does snow sometimes turn red?” using this awesome book,  Mysteries and Marvels of Nature. Unlock these secrets and many more using this book and the recommended websites included.


Finds hours of fun in The Great Animal Search. Every double page shows a different location with tons of animals to find. Enjoy a map showing various habitats and learn tons of facts throughout the book. This is definitely a book you can enjoy as a family!

Let me know how these books work out for your family! I’d love to hear from you.

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