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Ubam Books, short for Usborne Books & More, is a renowned publisher and distributor of children’s books. Their extensive collection caters to various age groups, making reading an enjoyable and educational experience for kids. Ubam has earned a solid reputation for producing high-quality, engaging, and educational books, making them a popular choice among parents, educators, and young readers.

Usborne Books & More has a rich history dating back to 1973 when Peter Usborne founded it with the vision of creating exceptional books that children would love to read. Over the years, the company has stayed true to its mission, delivering captivating stories and informative content to inspire a lifelong love for reading.

Understanding Ubam Books Parties

Ubam book parties are a fantastic way to gather friends, family, or colleagues to explore and purchase books from Usborne. These parties provide a platform to showcase the wide array of books and engage in a shared reading experience. When you host a Ubam book party, you’re not just providing a shopping opportunity; you’re creating an interactive and enjoyable event centered around literacy and learning.

What is a Ubam Books Party?

A Ubam book party is a gathering organized by a hostess, often facilitated by a Ubam consultant, to present and share the world of Usborne books with potential readers.

It’s a casual and fun event where attendees can browse through the diverse collection of books, ask questions, and make purchases.

These parties often feature book presentations, interactive activities, and the chance to win rewards.

Benefits of Hosting a Ubam Books Party

Hosting a Ubam book party comes with numerous advantages. As a hostess, you get exclusive rewards, discounts, and even free books based on the sales generated during the event.

Not only do you benefit personally, but you also contribute to spreading the joy of reading.

Ubam book parties foster a sense of community and learning, promoting literacy and supporting the growth and development of young readers.

How to Host a Ubam Books Party

To host a successful Ubam book party, follow these steps:

  1. Reach out to a Ubam consultant: Start by connecting with a Ubam consultant in your area or online. They will guide you through the process and help plan your event.
  2. Choose a date and invite guests: Select a suitable date for your party and invite your friends, family, neighbors, or colleagues who would be interested in exploring a wide range of captivating books.
  3. Set up the event and prepare book displays: Create an inviting space for your guests with a well-arranged display of books. You can also set up interactive activities related to the books for added engagement.
  4. Engage attendees and share the joy of reading: During the event, engage with your guests, share your favorite books, and encourage them to explore and discover the world of Usborne books.

Closing Out a Ubam Books Party

Planning the Closure

Closing out a Ubam book party involves expressing gratitude to the attendees and finalizing any pending orders or inquiries.

It’s the crucial conclusion where you wrap up the event on a positive note and ensure all guests have the information they need to make purchases or future arrangements.

Expressing Gratitude to Attendees

Expressing gratitude is a vital aspect of closing a Ubam book party. Thank your guests for their time, interest, and support. Let them know how their participation has contributed to the success of the event.

You can send follow-up thank-you notes or emails, appreciating their presence and emphasizing the value of reading and learning.

A thoughtful way to express gratitude is by offering special discounts on their next book purchase or providing a small token of appreciation like a bookmark or a personalized note.

These gestures not only show appreciation but also encourage future engagement with Ubam books.

Shower Books Party with Ubam

What is a Shower Book Party?

A shower book party involves celebrating an individual, often an expectant parent, by showering them with Usborne books.

It’s a unique and meaningful way to welcome a new life into the world of stories and adventures.

Shower book parties are gaining popularity for their focus on early literacy and the lasting gift of books.

How to Organize a Shower Books Party with Ubam

To organize a successful shower book party, coordinate with the host or hostess and curate a collection of age-appropriate books for the recipient.

You can categorize the books based on themes, age groups, or educational benefits to make it easier for the attendees to choose the perfect gift.

During the event, highlight the benefits of starting a child’s reading journey early and how the chosen Usborne books can contribute to the child’s development and love for reading.

Encourage guests to share their favorite childhood stories and the impact they had on their lives.

Replacing Damaged Books through Ubam

Identifying Damaged Books

Occasionally, books may arrive in a damaged condition. Ensure to inspect the books upon delivery. Damaged books can include torn pages, bent covers, or any other significant flaws that affect the overall quality and reading experience.

Steps to Replace Damaged Books

If you receive damaged books, follow these steps to request replacements:

  1. Document the damage: Take clear photographs of the damaged books, showing the extent of the damage.
  2. Contact Ubam consultant or customer service: Reach out to your Ubam consultant or the Ubam customer service team to report the issue. Provide them with the images and a description of the damage.
  3. Follow their instructions: Ubam will guide you on the next steps, which may involve returning the damaged books or providing additional information.

Ubam is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction and will work swiftly to replace any damaged books, allowing you to continue enjoying your reading experience.

Book Rewards in Ubam eFair

Understanding Ubam eFair

Ubam eFair is an online platform where you can host a book party virtually and enjoy the benefits of an in-person event. It’s a convenient way to connect with a wider audience and provide them with access to Usborne’s incredible range of books.

Book Rewards and How to Obtain Them

Explore the book rewards offered during Ubam eFairs and how you can earn them. When you host an eFair, you not only get the joy of sharing fantastic books with your friends and family, but you also earn rewards based on the sales generated from the event.

These rewards can range from free books to discounts on your next purchase, making your reading experience even more fulfilling.

Ubam Hostess Party Bonus Book

Understanding Hostess Party Bonus Books

Hostess Party Bonus Books are an additional perk for hosting a Ubam book party. As a hostess, you have the opportunity to earn a specially selected bonus book on top of the regular rewards you receive based on the party sales. This bonus book is a token of appreciation for your efforts in organizing and hosting a successful event.

Why Your Ubam Hostess Has a Party Bonus Book

Ubam believes in acknowledging and valuing their hosts and hostesses. The Party Bonus Book is a way to express gratitude for your commitment to sharing the joy of reading with others. It’s a little extra reward that shows how much Ubam appreciates your dedication to literacy and community engagement.


Engaging in Ubam book parties and events not only enriches your reading collection but also offers a delightful social experience. With a plethora of books catering to various tastes and age groups, Ubam ensures that there’s something for everyone. Hosting a Ubam book party or participating in their events is not just about buying books; it’s about fostering a love for reading and creating lasting memories centered around the joy of literature.

If you’re passionate about literacy and want to share the magic of Ubam books with your circle, consider hosting a Ubam book party. It’s a rewarding experience that goes beyond the pages of a book, touching hearts and inspiring minds.


How can I become a Ubam hostess?

Becoming a Ubam hostess is easy! Simply reach out to a Ubam consultant, express your interest, and schedule a party. Your consultant will guide you through the process, helping you organize a memorable event that everyone will enjoy.

Can I choose specific books as rewards?

Yes, you can typically choose specific books as rewards based on the guidelines provided by Ubam. The consultant will provide you with options and ensure you receive books that align with your preferences and interests.

What is the average duration of a Ubam book party?

A Ubam book party usually lasts around 1-2 hours, allowing ample time for book presentations, discussions, and socializing. However, the duration can vary based on the hostess’s preferences and the engagement level of the attendees.

How often are Ubam eFairs organized?

The frequency of Ubam eFairs varies, but they are often scheduled regularly to provide flexible options for hosting book parties. Consult with your Ubam consultant to learn about upcoming eFair opportunities and how you can participate.

Can I host a Ubam book party online?

Absolutely! Ubam eFairs allows you to host book parties online, making it convenient for both hosts and guests. Online parties enable you to reach a broader audience and share the excitement of Ubam books virtually.

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