Planning a Bookish Wedding: Tips and Ideas

Planning a wedding is like going on a very special adventure. And if you love books, it’s like adding magic to them! Picture being in a world where all your favorite stories are real. That’s how amazing it can feel when you bring your love for books into your wedding. In this guide, we’ll learn guys about planning a Bookish Wedding.

What is a Bookish Wedding?

A bookish wedding is like creating a love story using your favorite book. It’s a special celebration that combines your love for each other with your love for books. Everything, from the theme to the decorations, clothes, and cake, is designed to show the magic you find in your beloved books.

Making Your Wedding Bookish

To have a bookish wedding, you choose a theme based on the books you love. This theme sets the mood for your whole celebration. It can be inspired by a favorite book, author, type of book, or a mix of things from books that make you both happy and excited. The main thing is to let your love for books shine in every part of your special day.

Finding the Right Place

Choosing the right place for your bookish wedding is like picking the perfect setting for a story. Imagine a really old library, with rows of books that have seen many love stories. Or a small, cozy bookstore with a warm feeling, or a garden that feels like it’s right out of your favorite book.

When you choose the venue, think about how it feels. Does it remind you of the books you love? The right place can make your wedding feel like it’s a true part of your favorite stories.

To align your wedding with a bookish theme, consider the following venues:


Libraries are amazing places full of knowledge, like a treasure trove for people who love books. If you have your wedding in a library, it’s like adding history, wisdom, and magic to your celebration. Imagine saying your vows surrounded by shelves of books, feeling the wisdom of authors whose words have inspired many love stories.


Bookstores are special places, a mix of wonderful stories and the promise of new adventures. Choosing a bookstore for your wedding is like inviting your guests to step into the world of books. It’s a cozy and intimate setting that will warm the hearts of book lovers.

Gardens with a Literary Vibe

If you enjoy being outdoors and love books, a garden wedding could be just perfect. You can make it feel like a world from a book by adding decorations inspired by books in the natural beauty of a garden. This mix of nature and literature will add a playful and magical touch to your bookish celebration.

Cool Invitations and Cards

Your wedding invitations are the start of your book-themed love story. They are like the first lines of a chapter, giving your guests a peek into the exciting journey on your special day. When you design invitations and cards with a bookish theme, you’re including elements that match the stories you love.

Crafting the Perfect Invitations

Making bookish invitations can be fun and creative! Here are some ideas to make your wedding theme show in your invitations:

Book Cover Design

Make the invitations look like a book cover, complete with a title that fits your theme. You can even add a ‘book synopsis’ that tells your guests about your wedding.

Literary Quotes

Put quotes from your favorite books that talk about love. These quotes can show the feeling of your wedding and what it’s going to be like giving your guests a taste of your book-loving world.

Themed Typography

Play with the letters and words to make them look like they do in a book. Use fonts that remind people of classic books for a real bookish touch.

Quirky Bookmarks

Add a small bookmark with the invitation, showing a famous quote from a book. It’s a nice touch of books and a keepsake for your guests to remember your special day.

Your wedding invitations are like a peek into the magical adventure you’re inviting your guests to join. Make sure they’re as unique and special as the love story you’re going to celebrate.

Literary Puzzles

Create puzzles or riddles about books or authors. Guests can solve them to say if they’re coming, adding a bit of fun and mystery.

Bookish Icons

Use symbols or icons that match your favorite books. Ask guests to choose the one that shows how excited they are for your wedding.

By adding creativity to your invitations and RSVP cards, you make your bookish wedding an unforgettable and delightful experience.

Making Your Place Look Bookish

Decorating your wedding venue is like adding pictures to a book. It’s where your wedding theme comes alive, taking you and your guests into a magical world of books. Here’s how you can make your place truly bookish:

Literary Centerpieces

The centerpieces are super important for your book-themed wedding. Put things from your favorite books into the centerpieces. Here are some ideas:

Stacked Books

Pile up old books as centerpieces on each table. It’s an easy way to make the place feel bookish.

Quills and Inkwells

Use quills and inkwells as part of your centerpieces. These cool writing tools give a vintage vibe, like in classic books.

Literary Quotes as Table Numbers

Put quotes from your favorite books as table numbers. Each table can be named after a different book, making it more special.

Miniature Book Displays

Make small displays with tiny books showing famous stories. It’s a cool centerpiece that celebrates your love for books.

Literary-themed Table Settings

Carry the bookish theme to your table settings. From plates to napkins, add things from your favorite books. Here are some ideas:

Book Page Chargers

Put pages from a favorite book under each plate. It’s a subtle but awesome way to bring books to your table.

Bookmark Place Cards

Make special bookmarks that also show where people should sit. Guests can take them home as a memory from your wedding.

Novel-inspired Napkin Folds

Fold the napkins to look like pages of a book. It’s a fun idea that matches your bookish wedding theme.

By focusing on the little things in your decorations, you make sure your bookish theme is all around the venue. It will make your guests feel like they’re in a magical world of books.

Choosing Your Wedding Outfits

Deciding what to wear at your wedding is like designing the cover of your favorite book. It’s the first thing everyone sees and notices. Show your love for books through your clothing choices to tell everyone about your shared passion. Here are some cool ways to dress up with a bookish style:

Dress with Bookish Patterns

Wear a dress with subtle patterns that remind you of book pages or covers. These patterns show how much you love books.

Colors from Book Covers

Choose colors for your dress that match your favorite book covers. You could go for the bright colors of a fantasy tale or the classy shades of a classic story.

Character-Inspired Accessories

Pick accessories that make you think of your favorite book characters. Whether it’s a necklace that a beloved character would wear or a headpiece that looks like it’s from a specific time, these little touches make your outfit more personal.

Tie with Book Designs

Wear a tie that has pictures or words from a book. It’s a sneaky way to add your love for books to what you’re wearing.

Cufflinks with Book Quotes

Use cufflinks that have famous quotes from your favorite books. These small things make your outfit look like it’s from a book.

Pocket Square with Book Themes

Choose a fancy pocket square that has designs related to your favorite books. It’s a nice detail that keeps the book theme in your outfit.

By carefully picking what you wear and the little extras, you can show how much you love books and make sure your wedding clothes really show your passion.

A Cake That’s All About Books

Your wedding cake is like the exciting last chapter of your book, a sweet ending to your love story. Make it a tasty representation of your bookish theme with these creative ideas:

Book-inspired Design

Shape your cake to look like a stack of books, with each layer resembling a different book from your favorite literary theme. It’s a visually pleasing and bookish addition to your cake.

Literary Quotes on Cake

Put quotes from your beloved books on the cake. Use safe edible ink or decorative frosting to write these quotes in a beautiful style, adding a literary touch to your dessert.

Characters and Symbols

Add edible designs of your favorite literary characters or symbols from your chosen theme. It’s a delightful surprise for your guests as they discover these bookish elements on the cake.

Fun Things to Do at the Wedding

Making your wedding entertaining is like adding exciting twists to a story, keeping your guests happy and engaged. Here are some fun and bookish ideas to make your wedding a joyful celebration:

Bookish Trivia

Arrange a book-themed trivia game where guests can show off their knowledge about books. Give out prizes to winners, adding a playful and competitive spirit to the celebration.

Reading Corner

Make a cozy reading spot where guests can enjoy parts of your favorite books. Provide different books and reading materials to suit everyone’s tastes.

Themed Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth with props and backgrounds inspired by your treasured books. Let guests take funny and memorable pictures to remember the magical moments of your wedding.

Storybook Dance Floor

Design your dance floor with patterns that look like the pages of a book. It’s a creative way to blend the bookish theme with the celebratory mood.

Book-signing Guestbook

Have a guestbook that looks like a big book where guests can write their names and leave messages. It’s a playful way to add a bookish touch to a traditional wedding element.

Bookish Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Thanking your guests with book-inspired wedding favors is like sharing a chapter from your love story with them. These favors not only show your gratitude but also let your guests take a piece of your bookish adventure home. Here are some creative and thoughtful bookish wedding favor ideas:

Custom Bookmarks

Design special bookmarks featuring quotes from your favorite books or a personal thank-you message. It’s a practical and bookish favor that your guests can use and cherish.

Miniature Books

Create tiny books that hold short stories, poems, or even stories about your relationship. Make them personal with your names and wedding dates for a memorable keepsake.

Literary-inspired Keychains

Make keychains with symbols or quotes from your beloved books. These keychains are not only useful but also act as a subtle reminder of your bookish wedding.

Personalized Bookplates

Print personalized bookplates with your names and wedding dates. Guests can put these in their favorite books, forever connecting your special day with the joy of reading.


As you approach the final chapter of your bookish wedding adventure, take a moment to look back at the enchanting journey you’ve been on. Your wedding day, much like a well-written novel, has been brimming with excitement, emotions, and unforgettable moments. Each element, carefully chosen, has been a page in the beautiful story of your love.

The bookish theme added a unique and personal touch to your wedding, allowing you to share your deep passion for literature with your cherished ones. As this chapter comes to a close, keep in mind that the adventure doesn’t stop here. Your love story, with all its twists and turns, is an ongoing tale, with each new day offering fresh chapters and exciting plot twists.


How do I choose a bookish theme for my wedding?

Selecting a bookish theme is all about choosing a book, author, or genre that both of you adore. Think about the stories that have touched your hearts and start from there. The theme should mirror your favorite books and the magical world of literature.

Are there specific venues suitable for a bookish wedding?

Absolutely! Venues like libraries, bookstores, or even gardens can be ideal for a bookish wedding. They provide a delightful backdrop that matches the theme of your beloved books.

What are some creative ideas for bookish wedding invitations?

You can create invitations that resemble book covers, incorporate quotes from your favorite books, or even play around with fonts that imitate book text. The goal is to give your guests a glimpse into the literary adventure they are about to be a part of.

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