New Adventure Series by Bear Grylls

There’s a brand-new series of chapter books, coloring books, and activity books all by Bear Grylls, renowned survivalist.

Chapter Books: Bear Grylls Adventures

This new series by Bear Grylls contains a four-chapter book series. These books range in interest from 7-10. The reading level is around level O (DRA 34) or around the middle of third grade for an on-level reader.

If your child is an avid reader, this series is great for learning new survival skills and the importance of teamwork.

On the other hand, maybe your child isn’t a big reader. Maybe he/she or hasn’t found a book perfect to curl up with on a rainy day.

This new series by Bear Grylls is perfect to read together or individually.

Each book in the series has Bear Grylls meet a child in need of a confidence boost and an adventure definitely fits the bill! Along their adventure, Bear teaches survival skills and the great need for teamwork along with communication.

Through a blizzard, desert, jungle, and sea, the main character learns from Bear as he teaches ways to navigate through dangerous terrain.

These goodies are just $4.99 for paperback and $12.99 for Library Edition.

Activity Books

Best for ages 8-13

With these activity books, you will:

  • learn how to pack
  • read a map
  • tour the globe
  • learn how to cope in all weathers
  • tell the difference between animals‘ footprints

The activity books may include:

  • coloring pages
  • stickers
  • word searches

Survival Guide

Great for ages 8-13

Tips and Advice from Bear Grylls including:

  • camping
  • dangers and emergencies
  • maps & navigation
  • knots

These books would make great gifts for children or even teachers. Reluctant readers will easily understand and get into these simple, yet beautifully executed stories while learning a lot at the same time.

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